December 26, 2012

Surprise Follow Up

We're having a baby girl!! We totally thought it was a boy. And I even had some names for the boy. But we're having a girl! I'm excited for my girls to have best sister friends and wear matching outfits. The only problem is that we're stumped on names, though I'm sure we'll figure that out soon. Also, when we showed Zac and Katie the picture of her face, it's a Really good picture, Katie wouldn't even acknowledge that it was a baby and she is completely obsessed with babies. Tangent to prove my point - on Sunday at church, Katie saw some baby carriers and kept loudly saying, "Bebee. Bebee." Over and over again while trying to search out the baby. She loves babies, and dogs. Back to our baby. When Zac saw the picture of her face, he thought about it and kind of acknowledged it but only a little bit. In 19 weeks, give or take a few, they are in for a huge change.

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