April 29, 2012

Pictures from the last couple of months

This is the only picture we've managed to get of Katie's grumpy face - and this one isn't even that grumpy.

This is one of Zac's favorite driving surfaces.

Zac really loves to find any blankets, clothing or pillows to play pretend sleep with. He also really loves to help Diko be covered by any fabric at all.

Zac loves to help Kate.

The Blacker family bedtime book.

After a bit of walking on the trail, Zac decided he was done running around. He needed to dig in the dirt.

Our little man loves to read and I am proud!

This picture is blue because it was by the seals and sea lions tank - water reflection.

Zac LOVES feeding ducks.

Katie likes to steal all of her snacks from Zac.

April 22, 2012

2 months of nothing

We have lives, we really haven't experienced two months of nothing, but it's been that long since I've done a blog post.

Nathan didn't get in to UNM Med school this year. So, he's taken some classes this semester to up his GPA, he's continuing to work at his job for the DOH - except now he does chart reviews which is much less monotonous than data entry, and he's researching and applying to 14 med schools. We still hope that we will get into UNM for medical school but will be excited to get in anywhere.

I'm continuing to train for my marathon. I've hit a mental block which I didn't anticipate. When I do my long runs, I have to talk myself into them and positive self talk myself into finishing them. It's weird but, I've learned, very normal. The marathon I'm running is on June 9th in Utah and I'm excited that it's only 6ish weeks away! It will be nice to have more time to do other things (I never thought that I would feel this way about running).

Our children have recently hit new developmental stages. Today is Nathan and my 3rd year anniversary. We celebrated by "sleeping in" - interpretation: we layed in bed and tried to ignore our non-sleeping children in their bedroom. Zac celebrated by realizing he can open their bedroom door, came in to our room and threw/gave my cell phone to me. Also, we actually celebrated yesterday and it was fabulous to be alone for several hours!

Zac continues to be a very loving and caring child. A couple of stories:
  • When we were running earlier this week, he put his hand on Katie's back and patted her and rubbed her back and then just left his arm around her.
  • A couple of weeks ago, I took the kids to the zoo and then we picked up Nathan from work. Once we were home and I was making dinner, Zac ran into the kitchen and squeezed my legs tightly as if to say, "Thanks for a great day, Mom. I love you". Moments like those are always so rewarding, especially because most of the time I feel a bit emotionally ignored by my kids cause it's normal that I'm always with them.
  • Two weeks ago, Zac woke up from his nap and Kate wasn't up yet. Naturally, Zac and I played build garages for the toy cars with the blocks. It's his favorite game. We got to play this game for 30-40 minutes. During the latter portion of our building and tearing down and building again, Zac would stop every minute to throw his arms around my neck to hug and kiss me. He did this so many times and it was so wonderful to feel his love and appreciation.
  • This isn't a story about Zac's love for people, but rather, for food. Whenever Zac really enjoys a food, he puts it in his mouth and then with chipmunk cheeks, starts emphatically nodding his head up and down and his eyes get really wide and crazy. He proceeds with this until he swallows and then does it again with the next bite.

Katie has taken a couple of hands free steps. I honestly wish she'd wait a bit longer to walk because then I won't have to chase her and Zac. Kate is tiny and petite. At her 9 month appointment - which was a month ago - she was in the 3rd percentile for weight, 17th percentile for height, and 77percentile for head size :) ! My family had lost of comments to make about her head size and living up to the family intelligence.

Anyway, now that I've blogged again, I don't think I'll be away for quite so long again. And now, I'll leave you with some pictures.

I had gone to put the laundry in and Zac and Kate were hungry. Hence, Zac provided.

This is kind of the crazy face mentioned above.