January 31, 2011

Can you guess???

So, we had an ultrasound today. It was snowy outside - yesterday it was 59 degrees and today it snows. Crazy. It's a girl. We're excited. I have absolutely No idea what to name her. I hear a girl name and I think, "That sounds good". The only problem is that I feel that way about every girl name. Nathan said we could name her Audrey Belle which I've wanted to name my first baby girl since I was 16. But I'm not sure anymore. I just don't know. Any suggestions besides Baby Girl Blacker???

January 27, 2011

Life is so good

I have been sick for about the last month. A couple days after Christmas, while still on vacation in Utah, I got this horrible head cold. The nice things is that there was absolutely nothing going on and my family/Abi was more than willing to watch Zac so that I could nap. I literally was able to sleep 4 or 5 hours at night cause I couldn't breath - even with a humidifier and medicine. That has been the other kicker about being so sick, I'm pregnant and can't take the good medicines; you know, the kind that actually work. Anyway, then I started to get better and went running one day and the next was sick as a dog with a cough/cold this time. I couldn't sleep again, this time cause I'd wake myself and Husband up coughing. Not fun. Also, that meant that I was not the most attentive mother. Some days I would be so exhausted and tired and sick that I would stick Zac by his toys, shut his bedroom door and lay down to rest on his floor. I would wake up either from coughing or from Zac pawing at me to wake up. I felt so horribly about this. Luckily he has survived. Anyway, the coughing has gotten to the point where it would induce Braxton Hicks and cause me to throw up. Also, now it's making me stop breathing. I'm feeling much better now :) :) :) :) :) !!!!!!! I'm still coughing and throwing up and not breathing because of the coughing but I'm trying to chalk it up to being pregnant (the throwing up part) and it's become very common place. Also, yes, I did go to the doctor, twice. They couldn't really do anything for me. Just basically said it's a virus, wait it out. I did get a Z Pac but that didn't help. The doctor told me to suppress my coughs so that I didn't throw up - when I tried this it made me throw up more. Great, huh? Anyway, I'm functioning now! Even if it's not normal functioning. I'm so happy.

To go along with being sick, Nate and I started the semester 2 weeks ago while I was terribly sick and I couldn't do anything besides barely take care of our son. So, for that reason and many more (including I HATE that people think that evolution is fact and has nothing to do with religion) I've decided to do independent study through BYU for this semester! YAAAYYYYY!!!! I'm thrilled. Soooooo excited. This way I actually feel like I'm fulfilling my graduation requirements and not just taking classes to take them.

Alsoooooo, for those of you who don't know, Nathan's road bike was stolen in early October. We were incredibly violated. I hated all New Mexicans and UNM (the bike got stolen on UNM campus) and dishonesty. So, after Christmas Nathan made a goal to get another road bike and get into shape. My thoughts: yeah, right. How are we going to afford that one. No way. Anyway, my husband sold his snowboard and boots, Bose speakers and mountain bike in order to fulfill his goal. I'm pleased to announce that Husband got the exact same road bike and loves it more than the last one (he loves biking like I love running) and keeps it very safe from dishonest, yucky evil doers.

Zac Update: my child is close to walking. Yeah, a month ago he was only army crawling. Now, he pushes himself into a standing position all the time and scoots using anything he can grab. At his 9 month appointment we found out how much like his daddy he is, not that we didn't already know that though. Zac is really tall and really skinny. He's somewhere around 75%-80% for height and 25% for weight. Ha! I laughed. Zac also likes to talk to us. The other day, Nate was changing the little guy's diaper and a boowob sound and Zac decided to repeat it. This is the first time we've seen him work out how to make the sound in his mouth. So adorable! Now, he won't stop saying, "booow booow booowoob". It's so cute.

Also, I realized something very important. Not going to school and having a baby is a TON easier than going to school and having a baby. Since I left UNM!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! and don't have my BYU stuff yet, I have been able to get everything around the house done that I could possibly want to get done. It is sooo wonderful, especially after being sick for so long and incapable of doing anything. Our house is clean and I love it! But that doesn't mean I'm stopping going to school. No, sir. I'm getting my undergrad.

Also, this semester isn't as horrid as I imagined. I actually get to see my husband most days :) I really like to see him. Sometimes I'm not allowed to talk to him (for those of you who know me well, you know I LOVE to talk) because he has to study. Sometimes he leaves the room to dissuade me from speaking. Sometimes it works :) I love my husband. OHHHHH!!! Good story! I got up this morning and my husband had left me a "gift card". It was a 3*5 notecard which read, "This coupon is good for 1 gift card to BabiesRUs. (The great thing is that you get to choose the amount.)" You see, the other day I was at BabiesRUs buying Zac's new car seat and I saw so freaking adorable maternity clothes. I told Nate allllll about them and then he gave me a gift card!! They are super duper cute. I love them. Also, yes, I'm wearing maternity clothes now....they're quiet big but it's better than me wearing too small non-maternity clothes and much better than me going around naked.

Also, we find out on Monday whether our new baby is a boy baby Blacker or a girl baby Blacker. :)

January 7, 2011

Dear people who read this blog,

I am 16? weeks pregnant. I keep forgettinghow pregnant I am - not cause I don't feel pregnant but mostly because I'm losing my mind. Again. My due date is June 26th and we find out the sex on January 31st. Nathan thinks it's a girl. I think I might think so too.

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