May 30, 2010

Camping, A Photo Shoot and Growing Up

This last weekend Nathan and I went with his family camping. His brother Bryan's not-girlfriend was visiting and for initiation we took her camping. We had a lot of fun but let's just say that after being stuck in a tent with the Blacker flatulence for about an hour, she still likes Bryan. She's a keeper.

The day we left to go camping I went running and then while camping I conquered the trail. I am a successful exerciser again. I love it sooooooo much! I'm such a happier and more agreeable person when I exercise. Ask my husband, or my family, or his family, or my roommates, or anyone who knows me, when I exercise I'm awesome.

When we got back from camping we went to Nathan's parent's house to help clean up. So, we didn't get home until late last night and we didn't get the chance to give Zachy a bath before we zonked out in bed. So, this morning we gave our little guy a bath. Sometimes I think he likes the water and other times I think he'll never forgive me for bathing him. But after he was clean, we put him in this cute onesie that he just grew into. I asked Nathan if we could have a photo shoot :) He said yes. We cleared off our bed and took cute pictures. I wanted to take more but Nathan had the camera and I figured it'd be good to moderate a little bit. But just a little bit.

Since becoming a mom I haven't felt like I've grown up at all. I still feel like a kid -- some people would probably say I still am. But other things have made me feel very old; taking care of hospital bills (finances before this haven't made me feel old and responsible) is the main culprit but putting on weight while pregnant also makes me feel old. As if old people are the only ones who aren't thin.

Well, that's it for now. Ciao.

May 11, 2010

I'm a blogger now.

Per the many suggestions made by family to blog so that we can keep in touch and so that they can see Lots of pictures of baby Zachary, I've decided to blog. I don't know how actively I'll do this, but hey, at least you'll get some pictures :) I couldn't figure out how to manipulate these pictures to get them in the format I wanted but I'm sure you'll still enjoy them.