January 29, 2012

Oh, we've got catching up to do

Dear everyone, it's been too long. To sum up:

-I'm opening an Etsy shop with a friend! We have a blog and the shop opens on February 1st. Check it out :)
-Nathan's doing his last semester of undergrad (only 9 credits)
-he's only working 30 hours a week
-the above two things = we see him more :)
-Zac talks and has hit the tantrum/terrible two stage
-Katie babbles, crawls, sits up by herself and tries to do everything Zac does, including walking and standing and eating things she shouldn't
-Zac loves Kate soooooo much
-Zac likes to sit on Kate
-Katie's a mama's girl. For instance, if she's happy and having fun with someone else and I walk into the room, she starts crying until I pick her up, and then she's happy again
-We all have been sick with some cold that exhausts all of us. We had our first the kids "watch" a movie while mom sleeps on the ground or couch earlier this week and that resulted in Zac jumping on me and Katie crawling to me crying. In other words, it did not work.
-to stimulate my intellectual side I'm continuing to learn languages/picking it up again.
-I'm going to try to run a marathon this summer (I've started training four times before and was stopped by mono, a concussion and bronchitis, having a baby and having another baby).
-Diko is a good dog :)

Zac colored this onesie for Katie.