December 25, 2012


Dear Family,

We had a wonderful Christmas eve and morning. Since you weren't with us, this is what it was like.

Celebrating Advent

We attempted to tell the kids the story of Christ's birth using their little people nativity set. They went over to the tractor my Omi, their great grandmother, sent them. A wise man drove the tractor.
Putting their stockings on the couch for Santa. We hoped this would help them make the connection about stockings and Santa.
Zac was sad that he didn't have candy in his stocking on Christmas eve.
During Christmas eve dinner, Zac built towers and choo- choo trains with his food.

Diko loved the wrapping paper.

Kate trying to put on her socks.


Helping Daddy.

Watching Finding Nemo after cleaning up. Katie could not stop using her electric toothbrush. She was sooo excited about it.

These pictures were from opening presents with Grandparents before Christmas.

These kids Love air matresses. They run at them full speed until they hit it and their legs are swept out from under them.
Skyping with my family and opening presents.
Katie trying on some of her new clothes.

This is Katie after she got several layers of new clothes on. Some of the layers are Zac's new clothes.


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  1. your kids are incredibly cute. They look so much alike!! Congrats on another girl! :)