July 7, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

This is how our growing, big boy is doing.

A woman that was in several of Nathan's classes these last couple semesters has a two year old son and she gave us two garbage bags full of clothes along with these awesome cowboy boots, lots of footy pajamas, towels, a sleeping bag, an over the door bouncer etc. We now have enough clothing to last him until he's two (the biggest size clothing we have for our little guy).

I told Nathan before we were married that I wanted a tall, blond, blue eyed, freckled, soccer playing boy. I found him one morning putting my brown eyeliner on our kid as freckles. I love him :)

Our favorite missionary went home two weeks ago :( We've known him the whole time he was in this area (over 6 months) and would regularly go teach with him and his companion.

We need more bookshelves in our house and so one morning I made Nathan go garage sale shopping at 10 AM. We both knew that this was too late to get any of the good stuff, or so we thought....
The shelves, the shower curtain, Joseph and the Technicolor Coat on DVD, two stuffed animals and a car spray to help clean the engine??? (I'm not sure what it is, ask Nathan) were a dollar. Combined. One dollar. Best. Sale. Ever.

This was the house we passed while garage sale shopping. These are all gnomes.

The gazebo - which Nathan and I have dubbed the Clubhouse cause it's gonna have water, elctricty and 6 foot stone walls.

This is the Botanic Garden in Albuquerque. Yup, it's a desert in there too.

These were all taken at the Albuquerque Aquarirum. Awesome!!

This is what happened on the Fourth of July.