August 24, 2011

Read me!

I follow a friend's blog who postedthis today. Read it. It made me feel powerful.

August 19, 2011


My babies have Thrush. It's a yeast infection that is manifest through diaper rash and a bunch of white gunk in the mouth. I've known something was wrong with Kate for about a week but I didn't realize it was this bad. She only ate 3 or 4 times two days ago and slept for about 8 hours. Miserable for the poor girl and the rest of us. Then, yesterday we got her medicine. She slept for almost 24 hours (with breaks to eat A LOT). Soooooo grateful for modern medicine. SOOOOOO grateful for sleep.

August 6, 2011

While reading the scriptures...

Last night as Nathan starting reading the scriptures for our family scripture study he said, "And the man said unto the beautiful woman-" at which point I interrupted with, "Blasphemy." My husband laughed pretty hard.

Zac is talking a bit now. He says:

Da - Dog
Oww - Out
Dow - Down or Done
Ay - I
Nathan was witness to Zac's first "Thank you" yesterday. He has all the fun.