April 2, 2011

Exciting News!

About four weeks ago, our apartment flooded a bit. A pipe in the apartment above us had burst and we had a lot of water coming out of our ceiling. I freaked out a bit. Anyway, the maintenance people sucked it all up but only left a square house fan to dry everything out, and it had dust all over it. Nasty. So, that was a Tuesday. That Thursday I drove to Arizona to see my Pap-pap, Aunt Trisha, Watts side of the family at my cousin Renate's wedding and to meet baby Cole Beutler, my nephew, for the first time. I came home Monday and walked into a MUSTY smelling apartment. In the bathroom there were bubbles of paint where the water had collected and the ceiling - yes, the actual structure - was sagging in a couple areas. Not Okay. It smelled like mold. A maintenance man came over and put plaster over the bubble areas and called it good. I said, "Yeah, right!" So, we called the main office and the supervisor maintenance man came over and we talked about our concerns (it really smelled musty, not just humid like he suggested) and they cut out a 2*2 foot section of the ceiling to check for mold. They didn't see any. Later that evening, Nathan looked in with a flashlight and there was black mold growing all over the insulation. He could see the individual spores growing. More Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. There was also mold on the piece of dry wall they had cut out from the ceiling. The next morning Nathan went to the office and said we wanted to break our lease or move apartments. The manager graciously moved us (upgrade!) into a two bedroom, two bath apartment with a nice wrap around, enclosed patio. Yeah, they covered their butts. And we're very happy about it. I'll put up pictures in a bit.

The bad part about this was that we found out Wednesday we were moving and a week and a half later Nate was signed up to take the MCAT. So, with lots of help from friends and family, we moved sans Nathan. Nathan took the MCAT last Saturday and we find out in approximately 30 days what his score is. Then we finishing applying and find out where we're going to medical school (this is a process that will probably take until December).

Also, we got a puppy the weekend we moved in :) Smart, huh? For us it was. We have been budgeting and saving up for a dog for a while. I LOVE dogs and Nathan LOVES Dogs. I've been hesitant about getting one because we're having baby number 3, because our dog is our 2nd child, and Nate not having been around for the last three months and not having an outside area for the dog, I still love my puppy Mercedes who is with my parents and not good with my child etc. Anyway, most of those problems were addressed and we found our lovely puppy. We researched lots of dog breeds and which would suit our lifestyle (camping, hiking, going running with me, good with kids, but could handle apartment living) and we wanted a sheltie or a collie. We found a miniature rough collie mix at a shelter and we snagged him quickly. We named our puppy, who is now 10 weeks old, Diko. Diko is the Tagalog word for second oldest son. :) Nate served an LDS mission to the Philippines and spoke Tagalog while he was there. Zac LOVES his puppy. Sometimes, he'll just start laughing while looking at the dog and not because the dog is doing anything particularly funny. Diko also loves our baby, sometimes too much so with the teeth though. They like to share toys. This is not so good sometimes. When we play outside, one of them usually finds a stick and puts it in his mouth, then the other comes and steals it. This repeats till one of them gets bored.

I decided I'd finally post pictures of my crafty things! The pearls I restrung and the earrings I made with the left out pearls, the clothes I've made (the good ones) and the bows I've made. I started to make hair bows for me awhile back and now I'm making them for our baby girl. Very fun and easy. I'm planning on making some cute little dresses for her too. I have 11 weeks until my due date. It's coming fast and I'm thrilled about it.

It has pockets!

Zac has 6 teeth now and is constantly drooling so we know more are on the way.He tries to stand up by himself and it is hilarious to watch. He just doesn't have the stomach muscles yet. He turns 1 year old this month!!!!! We've decided we're gonna have a little birthday party with friends; it's more for us than for him. I'm excited to make his cake though!

Cute video of Nate making Zac laugh.


Hope you enjoyed the update!