April 23, 2013

Zac turned 3

Zac turned 3 today. Nathan took Zac on a Daddy Date. When they got back before his birthdaydinner Zac started to take advantage of it being his birthday. He started  asking for Nathan's phone saying, "Happy Birthday, Daddy phone. Birthday phone. Daddy phone, please." Katie had a bit of a hard time that Zac was getting everything he wanted(read- presents) and she didn't; luckily, Zac shared.

Zac got to pick one present to open during his birthday breakfast. He chose his present from Grammy and Mr. Man. Zac wouldn't leave his present even during nap time.


Painting in the tub.

 Zac requested spaghetti for his birthday dinner. He and Katie scarfed it per usual.
Opening presents. He said, "Wow" a lot.

This is when he shared his cars and hats with Katie. 
I asked Nathan's mom to help me make Zac's birthday cake. I learned a lot and she did most of the cake. He adored it.

Opening a birthday card from Great Grandma and Grandpa Crockett.
Playing in the play ground at the zoo. It was kind of hard for me to let Zac be this independent and climb so high and far out of reach.

We saw the zoo train and it was the highlight of the day.