May 30, 2012

Doctor Socks!

So, this is actually my first blog post EVER, but Lizi told me that I had to write about a rather fun experience that I had this morning at the bus stop, so here I am.

I frequently take the bus to work so that I can have some nice quite time to read and relax which has been wonderful. One of the bus stops I wait at on my to work is at Central and Yale. For those of you familiar with Albuquerque, you will know that this particular location is the Mecca of homeless people, druggies and a ton of other rather interesting characters. On this occasion though I was heading to work rather early in the morning and so it was mostly only the normal people. The sun was just peaking over the tops of the shops and I sat down to read my book and enjoy the few minutes until my bus came when the woman a few feet away starts to talk to me. You must know though, that this woman was shorter and rather more plump than normal and very black (not in any kind of racist way, but just so that you understand that she had a very classic black moma voice). Here goes our conversation.

Lady: Scuse me sir, are you a doctor?
Me: No, I'm sorry. I'm not. (At this point I begin wondering why she would think that I am a doctor and what crazy health concern (because of the part of town of course) she is going to ask me about next.
Lady: I just saw yours shoes and socks and they doctor socks! They look just like doctor socks!
Me: (This is where I start smiling and just laughing a little.) Well, I am applying to medical school.
Lady: Oh, you'll get in (again this is all in a very black mama voice).
Me: (I'm thinking to myself; Why? Because I have doctor shoes and socks?)
Lady: You just look the part already! You'll get in...

There was a little more after that, but this lady at the bus stop sure made my morning. It was very comforting too, because now I know that all I have to do to get into medical school is wear "doctor socks!"


May 20, 2012


Tonight there was a solar eclipse and Nathan and I saw it through a pin hole projector which we made ourselves. It was really exciting to run up the street to quickly view the eclipse.

We went camping this weekend. Nathan and I love camping and we've found that our children do too. This post, like many others, will be described mostly in pictures.

I found this piece of wood that was mostly broken, but the middle cord was still holding it together. It was cool.

Who falls asleep in a hammock on their stomach? Shantae.

Zac LOVED helping us find firewood. We're really trying to teach him how to help us with things and let him know that we need his help. It's working. He wants to do everything. Or maybe it's just that he's in a stage where he wants to do whatever we're doing.

Yes, we let our children eat dirt. 

We all slept horribly. Zac and Kate simply wouldn't sleep. In the morning when Zac woke up, my wonderful husband took care of our constantly screaming son. The only way he got zac to eat breakfast was by going on a nature walk and then quickly shoving his breakfast in his face and quickly backing off again. When breakfast was over, the only way he would stay happy was by going on a drive  ad then by rolling the car windows up and own repeatedly. He really liked to plaster his  face against the window as it moved up and down.

 Nathan asked Zac to smile for the picture. Zac frowned. When he told Zac to frown, Zac smiled.
 Zac's playing with his truck here.

Shantae, Nathan's little sister, graduated from high school on Monday. It was super exciting that we got to go. Shantae is going up to BYU this summer and I'm super sad because we are really good friends. I'm excited for her to go to college but, man, will I miss her.

The chairs were stayed folded up unless you were heavy enough to hold the down. Zac was not heavy enough. He was so distressed about his seat trying to eat him.

Shantae kindly came over the other day to help us clean our carpets and couches. We got a nice matching set of couches from our neighbos who moved away (not the Christensens). Best part: they were free! Worst part: they needed cleaned. Also, Diko was sick for a couple of days and threw up on the couches. He also had diarrhea all over our front room many times. So, carpet cleaning was a must. Have I mentioned that Zac loves his "Tay-Tay" - Shantae's nickname cause Zac can't say her full name?  

Our neighbors, the Christensens, moved on Friday. It was sad. Their kids, Lexi and Avery, and Zac and Katie love playing together. It's so sad that Zac can't play with "Wedi" - how he says Lexi - anymore. We'll really miss not being able to borrow cooking ingredients, have someone to quickly watch our kids, have someone listen to our baby monitor while we go out on a date, and have adult converstaion through out the day. We're really going to miss our friends. :(

And this was the best picture we could get of the kids together.

This is a picture of the women in my book club. Not that it's actually my book club...

May 12th was National Train Day and oh, boy, does Zac love his "choo choos". So, we went to the local railrunner station for the celebration. We saw model trains, got train coloring books and explored the train cars. Zac LOVED it. He always wants to play with choo choos.