March 11, 2013

Medical School

Biggest news. We're moving to Washington for Nathan to go to medical school! We're super excited and grateful that Nathan is able to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. It is going to be  an adventure and we are looking forward to it.

Bryan, Nathan's brother, was out of town and his wife, Aubri, was walking inside our apartment complex at the same time we were. We invited her over for dinner and she was kind of debating. Katie grabbed her by the hand and pulled her onto our porch and up to our front door. It's really cute how much my kids love their aunties and uncles.

We have a chest freezer, which I absolutely adore, it kinda needs to be defrosted but I'm waiting to do it until we move. Reasons being: 1. I want freezer meals when I have my baby 2. We're moving in a of couple months and I don't want to empty it now and not have a place for my freezer meals.
So, one day I had the freezer open and Zac and Katie were standing on things looking into the freezer/helping me. Zac started to pick at the frost on the sides of the freezer. A bit later he told Daddy how excited he was to be eating snow.
Katie is very communicative and loves to say words. She can say a lot but sometimes we really don't understand her at all. Whenever we land upon the word she's trying to say and we repeat it she emphatically nods her head yes and repeats the word. It's pretty adorable.
One Sunday on the way to church Zac told us that he wanted to watch his Mater movie, meaning Cars, and that he was going to ride his bike home to watch said Mater movie and that he'd be right back.
Nathan went to a medical school interview and got to fly on an airplane. After Nathan walked out the door, Zac insisted that he wanted to go ride on an airplane with Daddy. Later, Zac switched to saying that he wanted to ride on a helicopter. He went so far as to put on his shoes and start to open the front door whilst saying, "Bye mom, I go on helicopter. Be right back."

Zac knows who his cousin, Cole, is. We went to the store, Kohl's, and Zac was really excited to see Cole. A couple weeks later, we went to visit his cousin for his little sister's baby blessing. Cole gave Zac a tractor and Zac has to have Cole's tractor everyday to play with. He loves his cousin. It's funny cause they still don't play with each other they play around each other but Zac is just a loving little kid.

We have a car rug. Diko, our dog was insistently sniffing it one time and Zac asked what Diko was doing. I started explaining and Katie immediately squatted down on all fours, stuck her nose to the rug and started sniffing; Zac quickly followed suit. It was entertaining to watch the three of them sniff the carpet together. They did this for a while.

I took Katie to Macy's with me one day. We walked in right next to the shoe department and Katie went completely wild. She Loves shoes. She kept saying, "Shoe, shoe, shoe, shoe, shoe." Then we passed some clothes and she started freaking out pointing to the different clothes that she liked. She particularly liked a silvery, sparkly shirt. We have a girly girl.

The other day we were driving in our new van; did I mention we got a van? Well, we did, and I love it soooooooooo much! We got a van cause we are going to have three kids soon. Crazy thought. We will be a family of five! Anyway, it's especially nice to have two cars because Nathan does chart reviews for his work and he has to drive all over to different facilities to do so and, consequently, needs the car lots. It was getting to the point that we would run out of milk, eggs, etc and I was constantly asking Bryan and Aubri to borrow things. It is so nice to have a second car. Love it. Highly recommend it. Turns out that was a tangent.

The other day we were driving in our new van to visit Cousin Cole who was at Grandma's house and Zac was talking about Daddy going to work and Grandpa going to work. We talked about that for a while and how they earn money. Then we talked about how Grandma works at home right now and how Mommy works at home too. A couple minutes later Zac said this, "Birdy fly in sky. Birdy flying. Birdy go to work." It was said so factually, it was so cute. After giggling to myself, I answered that he was right, that birdy was going to work. It was going to work to find worms to eat.

Nathan has been teaching Zac to be a gentleman for a while. Zac loves to open the doors for me. A couple months ago Zac became tall enough to unlock the front door. He and Kate escaped a few times and man was that stressful. Not knowing where your kids are and your only clues being open doors is scary. He knows better now.

Zac has recently become a boy, not a toddler. It is so incredible to witness.

Katie gets picked on by Zac and Cousin Cole. She really handles it well and is quite resilient most of the time.

Zac's favorite color is green.

Katie's favorite color is purple.

Both children are obsessed with their Papa, Grandpa Blacker. They ask for him ALL of the time at random moments. Today we went to the van to go to  church and realized that Nathan had the car seats in the car at the church building; he was at a meeting. We had to turn around and come back inside. The instant I mentioned we had to go back inside, Katie started freaking out crying,"Papa. Papa. Papa." This continued until she was in her car seat 30 minutes later and even then she mentioned Papa a couple times on the way to church. She needed to go to church to see her Papa.