February 28, 2012

I'm back :)

So, a couple of weeks ago, Zac and Katie were in the tub. I had put the kids in the bath because Kate was really grumpy and baths make both of them very happy. So, about 3 minutes after I had put them in, Kate was happy still and was kneeling at the edge of the tub with her arms outstretched toward me. I went toward her to pick her up and as I leaned down, she started pooping. I scooped her up and laid her on her towel and told Zac not to touch the poop, poop is yucky, eewww. I cleaned out the tub and bathed the kids and because Zac was so upset that he had a 3 minute bath, I told them the could get back in. So, after cleaning the tub and kids I put them back in the tub and started cleaning all of their toys that had been in the poopy bath water. I finished turned around and there's Zac standing up, legs spread, pooping. Unfortunately, Kate does not yet understand that poop is yucky. All she saw was floaty things - which she could eat. Yes, she got a little in her mouth. Yes, it was disgusting. Round 2 of cleaning the kids and the bath. Then I washed the kids again just to make sure they were clean. This poop clean expedition lasted an hour. Oh. My. Goodness. I was glad when it was over.

Zac is such a loving little boy. He sees babies and wants to hug them and kiss them. It is simply adorable. He loves hugging all of his friends whenever he sees them, and constantly hugs Katie, which leads to him laying on top of her on the ground. Whenever he hurts someone he immediately apologizes by giving them a big fat open mouth kiss and hugging them. So sweet. Also, whenever his kisses he makes this kind of a sound - mmmmmmmmmmmuaaaaa. We are so happy he's so caring.

Our little man loves all things boy and necklaces. He recently has decided that Katie's nap time is our time to play. If I don't immediately sit down to play with him, he finds me and whines, "ay, ay, ay." (Ay means play). The only thing he wants to play is building blocks into garages for his cars. Monotonous, yes. Hilarious, yes. He also loves to play dress up. He likes to help Katie dress up by putting hats on her. Most recently, he's started to make her laugh and when he notices that she's laughing at him, he tries harder to make her laugh. It's just so cute.

Katie started crawling 3 weeks ago and a week and half after she started crawling, she started pulling herself up to a standing position. Two days after that, she started letting go after pulling herself up. She's starting to cruise now. Baby proofing with two different age groups is interesting. Before Kate became enthralled with Zac, she was enthralled with Diko. She wants to play with both of them and is trying to do everything we do. She only wants what we're eating and generally wants to feed herself - at 8 months old with zero teeth this is difficult sometimes. This also means very little baby food. Mostly, she eats our food mashed up.

February 21, 2012

$25 Give away!

Hey, everyone, my etsy shop is doing another giveaway! This one is over at myyellowsandbox; link below. Abby runs this super cute blog and has the best ever hair e-book! I use my copy of it all of the time. Anyway, Abby is hosting a giveaway for us. The winner gets $25 in store credit! That means you can get several things you like and don't have to spend any mullah! Yeah, for giveaways - enjoy!


February 9, 2012

Happy Bow Love! My new favorite phrase.

So, I mentioned and friend, Sam, and I opened an Etsy shop. Well, we're doing a giveaway! go enter - the more things you do the better chance you have of winning. Yaayyy!!!