October 17, 2011

My kids are normal

So, we've started giving Zac and Kate baths together sometimes. Kate has a whale bathtub that we put inside of the regular tub (in which Zac bathes) and we fill them both up with water. About a week ago I gave the kids a bath this way in the middle of the day. When bath time was over I emptied the big tub but not Kate's tub. Zac was standing up next to Katie's tub and started peeing on her. I laughed a lot. Zac's reaction was, "Oh, there's water coming out of there!". Kate's reaction was pretty non-existent.

We've all been sick this last week. Zac had croup and the rest of us have had some kind of cold thing. When babies have colds they swallow their mucous because they can't blow their noses. Kate's been doing this for a couple of days and the bowel movements from our little lady have exploded. Saturday I was burping her after nursing and She pooped. It went up the back of her diaper and shot out all over me and the rocking chair. I laughed a lot at this incident too.

Life is good.