May 4, 2011


So, I have lots and lots that I want to blog about: Nathan's MCAT and triathlon, Zac's first birthday, etc. That'll all come in another post with lots of pictures.

This pregnancy has been completely different than my pregnancy with Zac. I haven't been depressed. I've carried this baby a LOT higher and more "in". I don't feel like I'm starving all the time -- in fact, most times I'm not interested in food and I have to make myself eat because food just isn't appealing. I also started having Braxton Hicks waaaayyyy earlier. About 2 weeks ago, I got pretty sick and couldn't keep any food or fluid in me. I called the doc and after some consulting we went to the hospital to get some fluids in me. After the first Liter of fluids I still didn't have to pee. I was incredibly dehydrated. I got another Liter of fluids and actually had saliva in my mouth! Wow, I truly know what it means to be parched now. Anyway, the doctor noticed that I was having contractions and checked to see how dilated I was. I was only dilated to a 1, but at 29 and 1/2 weeks this is not so good. The doctor said, "I'm not putting you on bed rest but I really want you take it easy" (jsut until my regular doctor visit 4 days later when I could be rechecked). When I wanted more clear cut lines on what I was allowed to do and not she responded, "Like you can get up to go to the bathroom and such". So, I basically laid around all weekend (as much as I could with a 1 year old and a puppy) which wasn't much because Nathan did his triathlon and we had a "birthday party" for Zac. Anyway, it's been downhill from there. I have a to do list that is huge. I usually am very on top of house work things but I can't stay on top of things now because I don't have enough spit in me to watch with our kid and puppy and do housework. I haven't cooked dinner in 2 weeks. I haven't done any grocery shopping cause it takes too much out of me and I'm out for the next 24 hours. I can't even go on a mile walk because it makes me have regular contractions. H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. Yesterday, I was really concerned that my water broke and I was having regular contractions and so we went to the hospital again. Nathan and I feel like we live there. Anyway, they did a pre-term labor test because my contractions were coming about 4 minutes apart, they did one the last time we were in and it was negative, and this one came back negative too. That was encouraging because they're something like 95% accurate for 2 weeks - which means I probably won't go into labor for the next two weeks (which is good because then I'll almost be 34 weeks along). To sum up, I'm stuck in our home all day everyday, driving isn't very comfortable, I have a hard time lifting Zac up, I can't stand for long periods of time (like doing the dishes and cooking), and I'm having irregular contractions; it's all very physically and emotionally exhausting. Life right now is hard. That being said, I'm very grateful that we're having another baby and that we've been this lucky thus far. I'm EXtremely grateful that Nathan is done with the MCAT and is home sometimes. I'm grateful that I we have friends and family who are willing to help us. I'm grateful that my little man loves me and needs me. I'm grateful that my big man loves me and needs me and is around to take care of me. I'm grateful that Zac still takes naps so that I can relax sometimes. I'm grateful that Zac is a really easy going kid. I'm grateful that this isn't a forever thing. I'm going to be able to leave the house again one day soon and I'll be able to go walking and then running and our babies will be here and be safe and healthy. The. End.