August 26, 2010

Quick Update

So, this blog entry is full of pictures and that's about it. I'll wordy blog later.
Nathan's Mom side of the family has a family reunion every year and these picture are from that event.

These are the parents of Zac's future cousin!!! YAY!!!

This is the book fair that I've told so many people about. I've only been twice. This time I got something like 64 books, a puzzle and two movies (Dunston Checks In and The Princess and the Pauper) for 40 dollars!

Cute dude.

There's a rainy season in Albuquerque. This is a normal amount of water.

See how our potted garden grows.

One time Zac would not calm down. Hence, Daddy and baby watched Babar - Zac was happy for about 5 minutes :)

And this is Zac's face while watching his first movie.

We took Zac swimming for the first time! He really enjoyed it :)

One morning while I slept in, Nathan and Zac made this little note for me. Later, one of our friends noticed some red stuff on Zac's toe and thought I had tried to paint his toenails. As if! He's a boy!

This is Nathan's transportation/early graduation present/exerciser/road bike.

This is the Grand Canyon - we stopped by on our way up to Utah this summer.

This was my mom's side of the family family reunion.

This is Mini-Dorff on the Zip-line.

These are my Omi's great-grand children.

Zac puts everything he can reach into his mouth now. He's teething. Oh. Man.

We were able to play with my roommates while in Utah and we turned it into a surprise birthday for Jill. I love my roommates.

Jill likes babies :) hehe.

Dorff Family! Does not Zachary look like Benjamin Bishop and Hannah Dorff in these pictures??? I think so!

On Our way back to Albuquerque we stopped at the Mesa Verde National Park. They have old cliff dweller houses for show.

It started to rain so Nathan protected Zac.

He really does put Everything in his mouth.

This is his new bathing station. He LOVES baths now. Before he would cry almost the whole time. Now he smiles :)

They sell Green Chiles in 15 lb bags in New Mexico. Eww.

Mazee (Nathan's parent's dog) and Zac love each other.

Our little Yoda.