September 30, 2010

Cutest Video Ever

This link is to a video I took of Nate and Zac chatting it up.

September 28, 2010

All about Baby Blacker

These are so recent pictures of baby Zachary. He's constantly trying to grab things and put them in
his mouth, this includes his legs and feet. In one of the crib pictures you will see a blue thing hanging on his crib. This is his new piano. He kicks it and it makes sounds. All of us love it sooo much. The woman that's in Nate's classes that gave us a ton of baby stuff about 6 months ago gave us some more the other day and this piano thing was one of the things. I also can't get the words to not be underlined. I never thought I was technologically savvy but I never thought I'd have this many confusions. Anyway, enjoy the pictures of Zac.

September 25, 2010

Pictures Gaaa!

I really like posting pictures. I think it's fun. However, I dread working out the format of posting pictures. It takes me 4 times at least to get it right. The below post has been tried only 2 times. But I decided if you care about the format, you can fix it. Also, if anyone would be willing to share their savvy and tell me how to make my pictures and words stay where I put them I would love and appreciate your help.


This is our new apartment. We have a porch for our plants and some grass and a tree out front.

This is our front room and kitchen - notice the wonderful bar/window to the kitchen. Love it.

This is my special get ready area. I love it soooo much. Also, it doesn't look like this anymore because I've cleaned it up and organized. And this is the Baby Blacker/office/storage area room :) It is sooo wonderful to have more room.

And I didn't have to leave my fishy bathroom
behind!! I made a new one!!! and I free hand sponged Ms. Octopus and the Big Fish.

So, the dog in this picture is hard to see but he was the coolest dog I've ever seen! He had on sunglasses!
They had a strap on them like for snowboarding glasses. Who knows how his owners got him to wear them but he seemed to love it :)

I did surgery on an old pair of shoes and made them peep-toes. It was fun.

We have an racquetball court at our new apartment complex :)

September 24, 2010

We moved

So, we moved two weeks ago; it's been great so far. When we first saw the apartment I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't as big as I had wanted. But then I started being positive and everything has been wonderful since then. We have so much room. The reason we moved is because we didn't have enough room in our last place and since Zac is now 5 months old we figured a two bedroom would work very nicely. And we were right! I love our new apartment.

Before we moved - I haven't been doing much of anything since we moved besides unpacking and school - I started sewing quite a bit. I've made two shirts and a skirt. I keep getting better at it and more confident. It's a great relaxer for me and I get new clothes out of it :)

I've started to run quite a bit more and am getting in shape which both Nathan and I love. I love exercising and fitting into my old clothes.

Also, I'm really enjoying our new ward. It's about 1/3 the size of our last ward, maybe even smaller. I go play volleyball on Wednesday nights at the stake center with women from Relief Society and I've made quite a few friends there. One of them, Megan, is in our new ward and she told everyone that we were moving in. So, when we moved into our new ward everyone was like, "Megan told us you were moving in." and everyone was very welcoming. I've already made some seemingly good friends. Also, the bishop is Chad Harrison's dad. Chad was a groomsman at our wedding. So, that's cool too.

Also, I got a stake assignment, not a calling. I'm the assistant young women's sports lady. I'm really enjoying it. It's every Saturday morning for a couple hours. Right now the girls are playing volleyball. It's a nice assignment to have because it requires that I have alone time :) So Wonderful.

I'm taking 12 credits online and that was a little bit frustrating the week we moved to our new place because our internet was supposed to be set up before we moved in but it wasn't. It took a week for them to get it all working. Luckily my teachers were gracious and everything worked out alright.

Nathan's taking 6 credits online and 8 on campus, 2 of those are bio labs, is working 30 hours a week and is going to start volunteering 5 hours a week on Wednesdays at an Ear, Nose and Throat clinic. My husband is amazing and does everything he possibly can to support our family. We're very blessed.

Also, I want my puppy. I love dogs.

September 2, 2010


While in the midst of the naming our blog conversation I threw out Blacker is Better. You see, once upon a time when Nathan was in middle school/junior high he ran for class secretary or something like that and on his campaign slogan was "Blacker is Better". Of course, the school authorities thought this was racist and made him take them down. He disputed it cause it's his last name but they never let him put it back up. So funny.

Name The Blog

A long time ago, when I first started blogging, Nathan and I had a huge discussion about what our blog could be named. We had some funny ones which i can't remember now, but I think we had decided to name it something like unto New Mexico Spice or something like that. I am now going to start the "Hey, Nate, what should we name our blog?" conversation again. Look up top to see what we decided!