June 28, 2010


Sometimes I really miss my good friends. I wish it were really easy to make good friends so that whenever you move somewhere new you can have good friends where you are. I miss you guys!!!!

June 18, 2010

More happenings

So, Nathan's parents are building a gazebo. Not just any gazebo either. It's even going to have a basement for storage. Awesomely enough, Nathan and Bryan got to dig the hole for this basement using a back-hoe/excavator machine. they even taught me how to use it. It was fun :)

Bryan pointed out that Nathan looks a lot like Bob the builder. Hehehe.

Nathan took me on a date last Saturday. we played croquet. I never would have guessed that I might love croquet but oh, boy, I love that game! we used our baby backpack for the first time cause we took Zac on our date with us. The little guys seems to enjoy it. He slept almost the whole time. But, playing croquet and wearing a baby on your belly is not the best combo. we had to play one handed cause I couldn't see where the ball was with Zac attached to my front. Anyway, it was an awesome date. I love my husband and I don't understand why croquet ever went out of style.

On Sunday, while we were at Nathan's parent's house, Zac was fussing and so, Grandpa Blacker took his grandson around to look at the plants. Zac loves the outdoors. If nothing will console him, I take him outside to a bush and stand about 10 inches away from it and he's a happy boy cause he's looking at a bush. Actually, as soon as we step outside he's happier. I'm grateful that he likes being outside because Nathan and I love being outside.

I think our baby looks like a sea turtle in this last picture.

So, for those of you who don't already know Nathan Loves free things. The Sunday that Nathan blessed our baby, he was checking the church website making sure he knew what to say. He also found out that you can get the church movies for free on the church website. My man was Sooooo excited about this. He ordered them all and figured that in a little while we'd get them in the mail. Boy, were we in for a surprise. Monday evening Nathan and I decided to go on a walk. On the way out of our apartment complex, we saw the missionaries getting out of their car. We turned and stopped to say hi. Good thing we did, they had come to see us. They had gotten a member referral...for us. Apparently, only investigators can get the church movies for free; members have to buy them. The missionaries and I were pretty amused. Nathan was vary embarrassed but more than that, he still just really wants the DVDs.

Wednesday when Nathan got home from work, Zac and I were asleep on the couch; we frequently take a nap together in the afternoon. Anyway, when we woke up, we found that daddy had gotten the chalk out. We had a chalk party on our porch. It was great fun. We chalked "Zac's First Camping Trip". There's trees, a stream, our tent, a fire, grass and our little family. We're very proud of our creation.

Greatest news bar none. I'm running again. Finally!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I'm training for a half-marathon in September and a marathon in the beginning on May. I've been managing to go running in the mornings before Nathan leaves because that way, he's able to be with Zac while I run. But today was different, today I went running with the running stroller. Man alive, I'm going to get in shape so fast pushing that thing up hills! With it i go at tortoise pace. It's got to be at least 20 lbs with Zac in it. I'm gonna be so buff it's incredible. Running makes me happy.

Also, Zachary has been eating a ton this week, almost literally. we think he's nearly doubled his weight this week. Oh, boy.

June 10, 2010

I have so many things to say!

I frequently think about all of the things I could blog about and then I fail to do so. Hence, my blog will probably always be a hodge-podge of stories and ideas.

First off, while we were camping, Nathan had the brilliant idea of finding a Pride Rock to play Lion King. I love my husband. :) The funniest part of the whole affair was that after Nathan's dad took a few pictures, little Zac decided that since he had the opportunity, he should mark his territory and pee. My boys entertain me to no end. I love them both.

This last Sunday Nathan had blessed our little boy. It was wonderful. I've determined that my child is the most awesome child ever. Nathan's mom had a little tuxedo that she let us borrow for Zac to wear on his blessing day. He Is A Handsome Kid. When Nathan put the suit on our little guy that morning, he thought that Zac was so cute that he almost couldn't leave the side of the crib. As Nathan was ironing his shirt, he kept stopping and going back to the crib to gush over our "stud".

I think that Zac looks like a baby Mozart in the last picture. In theory, very cute.

When I was in high school I didn't understand why everyone though Jane Austen was so brilliant. Because I grew up watching the A&E and BBC versions of all of her stories, I knew all of the stories but I didn't know how wonderful of a writer Jane Austen was. I found out why everyone considers her novels classic while reading Sense and Sensibility when I was 18. I've enjoyed all of the novels, though my favorites are Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. I'm currently reading Emma for the first time - the last Austen book I have to read to have read all of them. It took me 3 weeks to get through the first 250 pages. I thought it was the most dull of all of Austen's books. It felt like a chore to read and that is something I detest. Reading is one of my greatest pleasures; it should never be unpleasant. It may be difficult at times but should never be unenjoyable. I've almost finished the 500 page book now. The latter portion of Emma is so wonderful. I love it and it is now ranked as one of my favorite Jane Austen books.

My favorite thing about being a mother is that my baby loves me. He is bonded to me in a way that only mothers can know. When my child is unhappy with everyone but happy simply being held by me, I feel so proud and loved. It's one of my life's greatest joys.
I've decided I actually like blogging :) I think I'll do it more than I originally thought I would.